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jRegistryKey 1.4 Released!

Features new to jRegistryKey this release:
Remote Registry Access to modify someone else's registry (assuming you have permission),
A last-modified timestamp (for NT-based windows only) to see when it was a key was changed,
More concise cleanup of native objects and state.

Of course we've stuck all kinds of goodness which surfaced during the 1.3 versions too.

If you're keen to access the Windows library from your Java application, this is the library you've been looking for.

Posted by Matt Hilliard 2006-07-10

JRegistryKey 1.3 released

1.3 finally fixes all the nagging UTF-8 / Unicode / ANSI headaches we've been experiencing since the beginning (though not a problem for simple ANSI systems).
Anyone experiencing problems with Strings is encouraged to post a (16-bit) char[] dump from both the Java string and the appropriate REG_SZ entry from now on so we can take a look at where things are falling apart or we can't really see what we need to fix. If they can spot the source of the problem on their own, we provide the ability to pass byte[] through with no conversion for most of the SZ types.
1.3 also adds REG-MULTI_SZ support and REG_QWORD support, which have both been lacking for a long time. The REG_DWORD family has been unbroken (from a source perspective--it was kludged to work in binary) ... read more

Posted by Matt Hilliard 2005-05-10

JRegistryKey is alive and kicking!

Despite the original sponsor of the project is no longer supporting the effort, the comitter team is there to grab the ball!
JRegistryKey is alive and kicking!

Posted by Philippe Ombredanne 2005-04-26

Bay Equities closes BEQ Technologies

The jRegistryKey project admin is no longer employed by the company licencing the software. What this means is I'm no longer payed to work on this project, and due to other obligations, the frequencey and quaity of the software support will diminish.
That said, I'm not walking away completely. This is a good, useful peice of software and I will continue to support it, but it is now a hobby project for me, not something I'm payed to do.
Anyone who wishes to join this project and pick up some of the slack is more than welcome.

Posted by Matt Hilliard 2005-04-08

JRegistryKey 1.2 released

jRegistryKey is a simple, lightweight yet highly robust means to access the Windows registry from Java.

This relases fixes know issues with IBM virtual machines and makes initialization of the native easier, and more transparent for a number of different configurations.

Posted by Matt Hilliard 2004-12-20

JRegistryKey 1.1 released

JRegistryKey is a Java API for accessing the Windows registry in a simple, efficient manner.
This release includes minor bugfixes, wider registry dataype support, proper String internationalization and support for the MinGW gcc compiler under JNI

Posted by Matt Hilliard 2004-04-20

jRegistryKey moved to SourceForge

Bay Equities Inc. (http://www.bayequities.com) is pleased to announce that it has moved its OSS Windows registry library for Java (jRegistryKey v1.0) after its 3 year life at Bay Equities, onto SourceForge, (https://sourceforge.net/projects/jregistrykey/)

As jRegistryKey begins its new life on sourceforge, we are anticipating a new release within several weeks to improve upon its compliance with standards and its overall performance.... read more

Posted by Matt Hilliard 2004-03-26

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