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I was made redundant on 30th June. Before I start looking for a new job I'll be taking a few weeks off to consider my options; which include starting a business and doing VSO (http://vso.org.uk/) for a couple of years.

In the meantime I'll try and fix the outstanding bugs, probably starting wednesday or thursday this week.

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2004-07-05

Netbeans Module download

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2004-05-26

Netbeans Module released

I've just released a Netbeans Module (.nbm), hopefully it should apear on the Netbeans module cataglogue (http://www.netbeans.org/catalogue/index.html) soon. In the meantime you can download the module from sourceforge. Please report any bugs found.

Known deficiencies:

- Options not integrated into Netbeans option system.
- "Reformat when buffer is saved" and "Perform coding standards check when buffer is saved" options do not work.
- Extract Method Refactoring not available.... read more

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2004-05-10

Nearly ready for new stable release

The new JRefactory 2.9.18 is almost ready for general release. There are only minor problems stopping a Release Candidate, so I hope to have one out next week.

Please report bugs and other problems (e.g. in the documentation) so that I can produce a quality release.

Netbeans IDE integration is mostly complete, it only lacks project awareness and a context sensitive menu.

NOTE: I've upgraded to using FindBugs 0.7.2 which is JDK 1.5 specific. Running in a JDK 1.4 environment, will cause FindBugs not to be loaded into the JRefactory tabbed pane.

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2004-05-07

Coming soon - full Netbeans support

I am finally getting to grip with NetBeans and hope to have a fully integrated version of JRefactory in the next few weeks.

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2004-04-27

Development started again

After a three month break, I've started development again, I plan to devote one evening a week to JRefactory. Look for a new release in a week or so.

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2004-03-27

Status update

I'm busy adding the new redesigned UML viewer and refactoring action code to the net.sourceforge.jrefactory namespace.

As well as improving the design, I will have cut the number of lines of code by about half, made things more consistent and improved functionality.

All this is taking lots of time and effort, and I don't want to commit until I have a working version significantly better than that in 2.9.11. I also will not be able to spend so much time on it over the next couple of weeks.... read more

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2003-11-24

Next Steps

The latest releases are looking good, thanks to David Warwick, Alex Harvey and David Bolsover for pointing out bugs.

As stated on the Roadmap at http://jrefactory.sourceforge.net/ I intend to complete the 2.9.x series of releases shortly after j2sdk 1.5 beta is released. As I have no idea how much time I have I'll keep adding features, but mainly in smaller steps so that the builds stay usable.

I have a completely rewritten UML viewer waiting in the wings, but it still does not work to my satisfaction, in particular it does not print properly. I'll gradually add to it annotations and generics, that will probably mean updating the Summary data structures as well.... read more

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2003-11-14

Now parses and pretty prints annotations

Annotations as defined in JSR 175 have been added for parsing and pretty printing.

There are still fairly minor issues with pretty printing annotations, but this is good enough, at least until the final specification is released, as further changes may be required then anyway.

Posted by Mike Atkinson 2003-11-13