multisession to WTS for supportissus

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    is it possible to connect multible sessions to on server? e.g. to support WTS Users online. at the moment we use vnc and rdp, but it is not crossplatform and we have to install the deamen and client.

    i hope anybody can me give some hint.

    in a first try jrdesktop works fine for me. But what´s about multisession and also connection via Internet like teamviewer or netviewer.

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    • benbac

      benbac - 2009-05-19


      Yes jrdesktop supports mutisessions, and my work cross the internet,

      jrdesktop may also be set to act as a web client (using jnlp, Java Web Start)

      however, passing firewalls is not yet supported,

      take a tock at jrdesktop svn repository the get the lastest code,

      jrdesktop 0.3 is going to be published soon


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