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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi… i'm tryung jrdesktop and I find it very cute…

    my question is, how do I do an automatic reverse connection ??

    I would like to connect to a server just running a viewer from my pc without doing new connection…
    what I want is every time that I turn on the pc where is installed the service as a server makes a connection to my pc in viewer mode…
    is this possible ??
    I have tried but allways I have to do new connection to give the ip adress of the viewer, and I don't know where to configure this ip in the server to find the viewer in automatic…


    and very good work

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, thanks for using jrdesktop

    yes i think it's possible;

    edit wrapper.conf to set the parameters you want (ex: starting the server using a reverse connection, or in a secured mode, ….)

    when you turn your machine on, jrdesktop looks first to wrapper config file & started using your parameters

    I Hope this helps

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is "reverse connection" what I need for connecting behind a firewall? What command lines do I need on the server and viewer to accomplish this? I'm trying to do the same as running VNC viewer in "listen" mode.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes, this is the commands you need

    Server side

        jrdesktop server -r
    Client side

        jrdesktop viewer -a server_ip_adr -r


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