blank screen when connecting to server

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I run jrdesktop as a windows service and I connect all I see is a blank black screen on the viewer.  It works fine if I run the program from the command line.

  • Nobody/Anonymous


       check your network bandwidth. If you are connecting with wireless you will that screen, after 1minute you will get remote screen.

  • Velika Srbija

    Velika Srbija - 2013-07-22

    Case study:

    1) Connect to remote machine e.g. Windows 2008 Server and start jrDesktop in server mode
    2) Log-off from the remote account, i.e. close remote connection
    3) Start jrDesktop in client mode on a client machine, e.g. Windows 7
    4) Client connects to a remote jrDesktop server successfully, but receives empty (black) screen all the time
    5) Now connect to remote machine (Win 2008 Server) using native Win7 Remote Desktop. Uppon successfull connection, jrDesktop client starts to receive correct screenshots of the remote desktop too.

    It seems that user have always to be logged into server's account in order to have jrDesktop send correct screenshots. Other solution is to have jrDesktop use Windows native RDP to login to server's account, but that's currently unavailable.

    So, is there any other solution I can use right now?

    Last edit: Velika Srbija 2013-07-25

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