NAT and Firewall

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    I tested jrdesktop. Its amazing but it does not go through firewalls and NAT clients I suppose.  Is there any future support for this? If I need to implement it where do i start?

    Thank you.

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      Hi, thanks for using jrdesktop,

      we are working to add the reverse connection to jrdesktop feature in the following version (0.3), but passing firewalls is planned for future releases,

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        is there any way that we can start on it to add this feature on passing through firewall and nat.

        plz guide us so that we can start developing it and add it to existing one.

        Thanks & Regards,

        • benbac

          benbac - 2009-02-10

          Hi, thanks for your questions, I'm very sorry for delay,

          One of the most used techniques to pass through firewalls is called HTTP tunnel, to implement this solution

          1. We need a servlet (or a cgi script, but servlet is much better) act as a relay (repeater), this servlet is hosted by an http server (apache tomcat for example)

          2. Both of rmi server & client (behind firewalls) uses that servlet to communicate between each other

          there is many solution on the net, but many of these solutions are limited or not free.

          Instead of using servlet with a http server, it's possible to build a customized server as a relay, this relay forward data between rmi client & server

          I'm looking for your suggestions, i very appreciate your help

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      is there any way to do this with portforwarding?

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    Would it be possible to include a very small server within the application for use with HTTP tunnelling?

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    Actually, you may use reverse connection to control a machine behind firewall.

    jrdesktop uses RMI as a communication protocol, we are working to fix the nat problem so you can use port forwarding to control a machine behind firewall,

    An http relay is planned for future releases


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