No *.jrat file created JDK1.4

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    I've seen a number of messages about the *.jrat files not being created.  I don't have this problem running under JDK1.6 using javaagent - that works fine.

    The only time I have problems is when I inject my class using the desktop and run it without javaagent - then it doesn't generate the .jrat files.

    I think this is an issue with JDK1.4 only - trouble is, that's what we have to use at work so (I'm at home at the moment on 1.6), is there a solution?

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      Sorry, forgot to say, running version 1 beta 1 on Vista

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      I can confirm with Red Hat that there is no output under Java 1.4.*, but there is output with the javaagent option and Java 1.5+.  For now, we are just profiling with the newer Java; I don't know of a workaround.

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      I have the same problem - so I am forced to use the alpha version.

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      same problem, it doesn´t generate the .jrat file in jdk1.4

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      version 1 beta 1 does not create .jrat file!

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      Apologies if this answer is too obvious - I am running java 6 running in Eclipse Ganymede on top of XP, but I didn't get any output files until I set my program to exit on its own after a fixed time.  When I killed it with the red square button, it appears that the JRat shutdown procedure (which I believe is what is writing out the jrat file) was bypassed. 

      I understand there might be other problems using JRat in Java 1.4, but, if all else fails, maybe it's worth a try.


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