Directing JRAT output to a different folder.

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    I am using JRAT with Tomcat 6.x. I wish to create the complete output folder (bin\jrat.output\2008-11-27_AM-09-36-36) to a different folder like (logs\jrat.output\2008-11-27_AM-09-36-36).
    I updated the 'Output' property in jrat.xml and found taht only the .jrat file has been re-directed to the new output folder, not the complete /jrat.output/... directory.
    In the setup i have, the user running the Tomcat doesn't have privileges to create folder insode the <Tomcat-Home>/bin folder and hence jrat throws an exception.
    Please help me move the complete jrat output to a different folder. If only the .jrat file provides me the required info, i don't mind even if this directory is not created at all as long as teh final .jrat file is prodiced at my specified location and if it holds all teh data i need to study my tests.
    Thanks in advance !!

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