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General update

Sorry it's been so long since any updates/news, but I've also been helping with the PearPC project a bit. I am still working on Jrar and it will get finished, but it may take a little bit longer than before :)

From the stats page there have now been over 200 downloads and over 1,000 page views :)


Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-06-15

CVS update

I've realised what I did wrong on the CVS front and have now uploaded it correctly.

When the pserver CVS is updated (about 5 hours after this posting) you should be able to checkout a folder called Jrar-updated. This now has the correct folder layout and there should be no problems with the package layout.

I've asked SF to delete the other folders and so the Jrar-updated folder should be the only one there (other than the CVSROOT).... read more

Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-05-27

Latest update

The reason Jrar wasn't finding the RAR program was because I wasn't telling it to look in the right places for it. I've changed the way it now runs the command and should find it anywhere in the PATH.

I've also uploaded the code to CVS but I'm totally new to CVS and it's not working correctly just yet. You can log on as anonymous to download it and compile it yourself. If you use Eclipse you can use the following settings to get it...... read more

Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-05-27

Jrar 0.40 problem

I've just been testing Jrar 0.40 on my Linux VM and seem to have a problem getting Jrar to find the RAR program in the PATH. I'm going to be doing some testing to find out what the problem is. If anyone should find out before I post a solultion please drop me a line so I can fix it.

Thanks - Andy

Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-05-02

Jrar version 0.40 released

The latest version of Jrar has been released. This contains the new re-written code base.

Opening RAR files works (it'd be pointless without it), Extracting single and multiple files from the archive works and you can add files to the currently open archive.

It is also possible to create archives by adding files to an archive that doesn't exist yet.

Things to note about this release. Because of the code re-write the code base is a bit bigger but a lot easier to change and add to. Also in this release the buttons are now using PNGs instead of just text labels. This is the main reason this release is much larger than the ones before it. At the moment however the icons are just of some text. I will be getting out my GIMP skills to try and get some better icons together but this is rather low on my list of things to get finished.... read more

Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-05-02

General update

just to let people know, I am still working on Jrar 0.4 it's just taking longer than I expected. This is for several reasons. Check out http://jrar.sf.net for more info

Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-03-23

First public release...

Version 0.3 of Jrar has been released. This is FAR from finished and has limited functionality. You can open and view a RAR file, Extract the whole archive and test it to ensure the archive is ok.

Version 0.4 is just around the corner as keep your eyes peeled


Posted by Andrew Smith 2004-03-08

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