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Encryption Design Weakness

JQB A-0.0.4 has a design weakness in content encryption which renders encrypted material prone to brute force attacks. I hope I will come around for a next release which will solve the issue.

Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2007-04-30

** JQB A-0.0.4 Tech Upgrade Release

Release of JQB-A 0.0.4 is an interim technology upgrade of the JQBStandardDataFile class.
It improves data through-put and record streaming capabilities and introduces file-locking security. For details see the change log of the download package.

Announcement: This release is the basis of the first public JQB application: *FileHashler* (http://sourceforge.net/projects/filehashler), a useful file encryption and archivation utility.... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2005-06-05

** JQB offers expected stable Standard Datafile

JQBStandardDataFile has been refined and completely tested on JUnit test cases for an expected stable version now available in JQB-A Vers. 0.0.3. Data encryption and authentication designs have been overhauled and now represent state-of-the-art technology using (AES candidate) Twofish and SHA-256.

Use JQB datafiles to store your serializable application data in a most easy way and a highly secure form on disk files, optionally protected by qualified data encryption. User friendly design allows you simple usage. All you need to do for encryption is supplying an access key. The present implementation package supports datafiles on a record basis with a fixed user-defined maximum record length.... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2005-02-15

JQB reaches Lifespan Rank 10000 :)

JQuickBase has reached Lifespan ranking 10,000 within 71 days. What a great day for this project!

Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2004-08-02

** JQB datafile enhancements up! Incl. Twofish encryption

Tue, 20.07.2004

JQB datafiles now support String storage methods, record streaming methods, record locking
and strong file encryption using the Twofish algorithm.

These features are fully implemented for JQBStandardDataFile and now available in JQB-A Vers. 0.0.2.

** Legal note **
Use of this software is cost free and entirely by your own risk and responsibility. No liability is given, other than for bad intention, for damage caused, directly or indirectly, through the use of this software. No liability can be given for the use of third party software which may be included in our packages. It is within your own responsibility to make the use of this software conformant to the local laws of your living place, in particular in regard to the use of data encryption.... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2004-07-20

** First Results

In this project I intend to offer a Java data and index file service module on a record based (ante-relational) level for small, midrange or prototyping application tasks. High quality programming and reliability as well as documentation will be the guidlines. Effectiveness, flexibility, scalability and several intelligent file features will be the landmarks of this API and make it interesting for application tasks which do not require nor wish for a huge, performance dragging and inflexible external database background.... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2004-06-17

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