Jason Wimmer - 2009-04-06

I went through the installation procedure as outlined here (http://www.langtags.com/jquerywtp/), but when I start Eclipse again and try to do something (anything) that might force the jquery autocomplete to kick off, it doesn't seem to have worked?

I peeked inside the new org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_1.0.200.v200805160650.jar file and the jquery*.fcrec files have been added in org/eclipse/wst/javascript/ui/internal/common/contentassist/fcs/js1  I just don't seem to get them as content assist options when I'm working in Eclipse?  I had read elsewhere that one challenge was making sure the correct org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_XXXX.jar file was patched?  I only had one to choose from (I'm working with a fresh download/install of eclipse, such was my excitement over jQueryWTP), but is there some way to find out where Eclipse is looking for javascript autocomplete?

I'm working in:
Windows XP
Eclipse 3.4.2
org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui 1.0.200.v200805160650

Thanks in advance for any additional help that anyone might provide.