Start a java web start appliation using jpype

  • Bart vand er Heijden

    Hi all,

    I'm starting up using jpype for Java Swing GUI automation and I like it a lot. I'm able to start a (local) Java application and use the FEST library to manipulate the UI. So for so good.

    What I'm not able to do (yet) is to initiate a web start (JNLP) based application. In this particular case, I have a jsp file with the JNLP definition in it, when I use javaws on the command line to start the application, it runs fine.

    Question is, how can I start the same application in a python/jpype script so I can start to using it?

    I tried my friend Google but no luck so far …

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Steve Menard

    Steve Menard - 2013-02-06

    First, sorry for the long-delayed answer.

    Now, the simplest answer is : you would do it in Jpype the same way you would do it in Java. and I have no idea how you would do it in Java.

    From my understanding, Java Webstart is "just" a JVM launcher like java.exe. However, it also has extended features that let's it graps jars and resources from the net, keep them up-to-date, starts the right version of the JVM, etc …

    I hope this helps,



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