#1 sub-window does not open unless window property refreshed


When pulling down the file tab to "save as" or "save a copy", the child window does not show up, and the parent window is frozen. To "fix" this, I have to reset the display properties by right clicking on the monitor background (windows xp) and choosing setting, followed by resetting the window either the sizes/resolution, or extending to the second monitor, while JPasswords has been kept open. After resetting the window property, the child window from JPasswords will open to allow me save a copy or save as. This resetting works only one time. Once the child window closed, in most cases, save as and save a copy do not work any more, unless the display property is reset again.


  • Wolfgang Keller

    Wolfgang Keller - 2010-03-11

    Interesting phenomena! I doubt many people will be able to confirm it or help you because I actually never heard of it. May I read from your statement that you are running a dual-monitor setup under Windows XP? If yes this might be a clue to the error occurring.

    The most probable cause are weaknesses or malfunctioning of your Java VM under your given environment. I don't see a quick way to help you out of this, but you might give further details of your environment as e.g what Java VM you are using and whether you can confirm it is installed properly (e.g. by running some larger program on it.)

    Good luck!
    - Wolfgang

  • Wolfgang Keller

    Wolfgang Keller - 2012-11-30

    Obviously outdated.

  • Wolfgang Keller

    Wolfgang Keller - 2012-11-30
    • status: open --> closed

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