#141 Allow driver definition with auto discovery

Client (32)

Allow predefined drivers when jppf.discovery.enabled=true

Now you can define jppf.drivers for jppf.discovery.enabled=true.

Add special driver (for example 'jppf_discovery'), Priority for auto discovery drivers can be set by property 'jppf_discovery.priority'=10. All autodiscovered drivers will have same priority 10

*) jppf.discovery.enabled=false
- connect to jppf.drivers

*) jppf.discovery.enabled=true, jppf.drivers = driver1 driver2 ....
- keep current state: only autodiscovered drivers are used

*) jppf.discovery.enabled=true, jppf.drivers = driver1 driver2 .... jppf_discovery ...
- connect to jppf.drivers (driver1 driver2 ...) and try to discover other drivers

This allows user to connect company driver with his notebook.
When user comes to work he can connect to any driver on internal network through autodiscovery


  • Martin JANDA

    Martin JANDA - 2011-10-23

    Implemented discovery in Client and Driver

  • Martin JANDA

    Martin JANDA - 2011-10-23
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Laurent Cohen

    Laurent Cohen - 2011-10-26

    fixed synchronization problem causing the client to create 2 driver connections instead of one : see trunk revision 1848

  • Laurent Cohen

    Laurent Cohen - 2011-10-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jandam
    • milestone: --> Next_Release

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