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JPOX 1.1.0-rc-1 released

JPOX 1.1.0-rc-1 is now released. It contains the final definition of fetch-depth, many improvements to JDOQL, and some bug fixes. Timed to coincide with Apache JDO rc-1 release. Please consult the JIRA Issue Log for a full list of changes

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2006-02-22

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-6 released

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-6 is now released. It contains many improvements to JDOQL and some bug fixes, bearing JDO2 TCK compliance. Timed to coincide with Apache JDO beta release. Please consult the JIRA Issue Log for a full list of changes

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2006-01-21

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-5 released

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-5 is now released. It contains many updates to aid compliance with the JDO2 TCK, including some new features. Please consult the JIRA Issue Log for a full list of changes

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2005-12-04

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-4 released

Many new things in this new release including
* Support for URI, URL, TreeMap, and several new array types
* XA transaction support
* Improved schema generation support
* Improvements to L2 cache
* Dependent field updates
* Plugins for OSCache, SwarmCache
and much more. Please refer to for full details

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2005-08-29

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-3 released

This release includes many things including
1. Changed to use Apache JDO JAR for the JDO API
2. Added support for 1-1 bidir relations using single FK
3. Added support for many more java types
4. Added plugins for DBCP, C3P0, EHCache
5. Essential fixes to attach/detach handling
Many more features - refer to

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2005-05-11

JPOX Eclipse plugin 1.1.0-beta-1 released

A new version of the JPOX Eclipse plugin is available. This offers changed interface so that you can specify the version of JPOX COre/Enhancer to use the plugin with. It also provides a MetaData editing capability.

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2005-05-10

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-2 released

We've released 1.1.0-beta-2 of JPOX. This release includes some new JDO2 features, tighter compliance with the JDO2 spec, and many bug fixes. These improvements include
* 1-N Inverse unidirectional relationship support
* JDO2 Support for persisting java.util.Currency, java.util.LinkedHashSet, java.util.LinkedHashMap
* Support for JDO 2 "value-strategy"
* Support for setting Query timeouts, and controlling the ResultSet of a query
* JDO2 Ability to embed simple PC objects
* JDO2 Ability to set the Result Class of a Query
* Addition of UUID-HEX generators
* Several bug fixes to attach/detach
* Numerous other fixes... read more

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2005-03-20

JPOX 1.1.0-beta-1 released

Many additions and bug fixes in this release heading towards JDO 2. These include
1. Addition of a Level 2 Cache, and plugin support for Tangosol
2. Addition of inheritance mapping strategies
3. Addition of JDOQL aggregates
4. Fixes to abstract class handling
5. Improvements to schema creation allowing control over default values, nullability and indexes/foreign keys
and much more

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-12-19

JPOX 1.1.0-alpha-4 Released

This release has several bug fixes. In addition there are several new features of JDO2, such as SingleFieldIdentity (removing the need to define a PK class for simple app identity cases), and various improvements to the JDOQL process.

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-11-07

JPOX 1.1.0-alpha-3 Released

The Java Persistent Objects team are pleased to announce the release of the alpha-3 release of the 1.1 branch of JPOX JDO. This release provides many many more features of the forthcoming JDO 2 specification, together with several bug fixes. Please refer to our website ( for details

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-10-23

JPOX 1.0.4 Released

Minor bug fixes. Last release of 1.0 series.

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-10-09

JPOX 1.0.2 released

A bug fix release of JPOX. JPOX is a Java Data Objects (JDO) implementation providing transparent persistent to java objects. JPOX supports multidimensional databases (OLAP) and RDBMS databases. Existing schemas are also supported.

Please refer to for full details.

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-08-12

JPOX 1.0.1 Released

A bug fix release of JPOX has been made (version 1.0.1) fixing a few issues in JPOX 1.0.0. Please refer to for full details

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-07-29

JPOX 1.1-0-alpha-1 released

Java Persistent Objects JDO (JPOX) is an implementation of the JDO specification for transparent persistence of Java objects. This is the first release of the next generation of JPOX. The 1.1 series provides a preview of many JDO 2.0 features, including attach/detach, named queries, and query result control. For more information visit our website

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-07-12

JPOX 1.0.0 Released

Java Persistent Objects JDO (JPOX) is an Open Source implementation of the JDO 1.0.1 specification. It is fully compliant with the TCK and implements many optional features in addition. This is the first FULL release of JPOX, providing transparent persistence of Java objects to all major RDBMS on the market today. Visit our website for more details

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-07-12

JPOX 1.0.0-beta-4 released

JPOX 1.0.0 beta-4 has been released and is intended as the final beta release before a full 1.0.0 release.

Many changes have been made in beta-4, including
* Own enhancer added
* Optimistic Transactions added
* Poid Sequence generators added
* SCO Collection handling improved in many areas, and bugs fixed
* makeTransient fixed
* many other bugs fixed

See the website ( for the full details.

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-06-09

JPOX 1.0.0 beta 3 released

Addition of support for byte[] arrays.
Addition of support for Pointbase RDBMS.
Improved support for PostgreSQL RDBMS.
Improved List support.
Improved application identity support.
Addition of database dictionary facility.
Updated POID support.
Improved class loading capabilities.
Numerous bug fixes.

Posted by Andy Jefferson 2004-04-21

New Forum

We have released a new forum and new site at

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2004-03-23

JPOX 1.0.0 Beta 2 released

JPOX is a Java Data Objects (JDO) API full compliant implementation. The Java Data Objects (JDO) API is a standard interface-based Java model abstraction of persistence. JPOX is free and released under an Open Source license, and so the source code is available for download along with the JDO implementation. In the Beta 2 release we reach an important milestone, the JDO compliance verified by the JDO TCK tests.

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2004-03-01

JPOX 1.0 Beta 1


The JPOX team is proud to announce the 1.0 Beta 1 release.

Here are the latest JDO TCK results.

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2003-11-16

JPOX 1.0 Alpha 1 source files

"JPOX 1.0 Alpha 1" source files are OK and ready to download.

Note that we are constantly changing the source code on the CVS, and the released source files doesn't necessary reflect the latest version.

If you want to be informed of changes see the jpox-commit mailing list


Erik Bengtson

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2003-08-02

JPOX 1.0 alpha released

We are releasing JPOX 1.0 alpha version.

We appreciate any feedback to make JPOX a really cool JDO implementation

Don't hesitate and email us.

Many thanks

JPOX team

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2003-07-25

Kickoff: Message for JPOX developers

JPOX main goal is to implement Sun JDO 1.0 specification, so to start learning JDO here are some cool links (You can download for free a PDF version of the JDO Book from Robin Ross)

Good places to ask questions about JDO are the following sites. I suggest you to register in both. The JDO experts are there!!! (Forum)... read more

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2003-07-25

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