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JPowerFlow-Framework 1.1.0

As you all may or may not know, JPowerFlow 2.0.0 was rolled into JPowerFlow-Framework 1.0.0. I have now released JPowerFlow-Framework 1.1.0. Please read release notes to see what the changes are.

Posted by Bryan 2006-08-02

Please Read!!!

There are now two versions of JPowerFlow available. One with a power system framework that includes parsers and one without the framework so you may use your own framework.

Posted by Bryan 2006-08-01

Example Code Available

Source code dubbed JPowerSim is available to provide examples of how to create objects available for power flow simulations.

Posted by Bryan 2006-08-01

Release 2... already!

Yep, it's already here! Release 2 of JPowerFlow is now available. Please see the release notes for information about new additions to this release.

Posted by Bryan 2006-08-01

First Release!

The first release of JPowerFlow is available now! Click on the "Download JPowerFlow" button on the Summary page to download package (in .jar format), src files (in .zip format) and/or the api (in .zip format).

Posted by Bryan 2006-07-31