I posted the RC4 release so you should be able to download it from the project main page.

Note that because the is bigger than 1.5 Mb I had to split the Zip into multiple files.  Download the and associated .z01 and .z02 and using WinZip you just need to open the zip file and assuming that the z01 and z02 file are in the same directory, WinZip will reconstruct it.

Find/download trial version of WinZip here ==> <== other Zip packages might work though I have not tested anything but WinZip.

Please provide feedback/comments for this release as if all is OK I would like to tag it with any update as JCL 2.2.

Best regards,

E. Michael Maximilien
Raleigh, NC USA
(919)301-7014 (T/L 352)