JavaPOS aficionados,

Release 2.2.0 of the JavaPOS Config/Loader (aka JCL) is now available on the
dW OSS site:

This release of the JCL adds the following improvements from the previous

1) Improved/easier i18n support for the editor
2) Support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean languages
3) Various improvements in editor
4) Improved searching for jcl.dtd

Please see the changes.txt for details.

I want to take some time to thank the worldwide pool of contributors that
made this release possible:

+ Mr. Shisey Hanai of IBM Japan and Mr. Ning Xue of IBM Singapore
+ Mr. Albert Kennis of Star-Micronics (Japan)
+ William White and Ramon Reveron of IBM USA (Raleigh)
+ Ron Kleinman of Sun Microsystems (USA)

As you go to the process of integrating this release into the wide
deployment of JavaPOS, please let us know if you find any problems.  Two
mailing lists are available to report problems or questions:

Enjoy this release and help spread the word about JavaPOS/JCL.

Best regards,