Merge two pdf files

  • Matthias Nick

    Matthias Nick - 2014-06-26

    I have got 2 pdf files (a.pdf and b.pdf). b.pdf contains some forms.

    I want to merge both files into a new one / I want to append both files to one file.

    Is this somehow possible?

  • Maurizio M. Gavioli

    For my current needs (see below), I got fairly acceptable results simply using the copyDeep(Map map) method. For instance, before any copying/merging across documents:

    HashMap resMap = new HashMap();

    then, whenever a page is to be copied to another document:

    PDPage sourcePage = <your source document page>;
    PDPage destPage = (PDPage)PDPage.META.createNew();
    CSContent destContent = CSContent.createNew();
    CSCreator destCreator = CSCreator.createFromContent(destContent, sourcePage);
    // any required setup for the destCreator goes here
    // copy the page contents
    // copy the resources, if needed
    if (sourcePage.getResources() != null) {
        COSObject cosRes = sourcePage.getResources().cosGetObject().copyDeep(resMap);
        PDResources pdRes = (PDResources)PDResources.META.createFromCos(cosRes);
    // any additional content management might go here
    // add dest. pages to dest. document

    Iteratively passing resMap to copyDeep() filters out a good deal of shared resources from being copied again and again.

    For my needs, this approach is quite enough, but I have to do with conceptually simple documents: maybe large in size, but made (almost) only of text and PS graphics. Having to do with acroforms or other objects may make things more complex, but I believe this could be a good starting point.

    I'm sure a smarter copying/merging algorithm could be devised (and suggestions are welcome), but I suspect that gains in resource economy risk to be small, while the code risks to grow exponentially.

    Thanks for developing jPod!



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