Generate dynamic PDF using JSP and jPod

  • José Luis Zúñiga

    Hi there, i'm using jPod for make some PDF reports for the users of a web site that i'm developing, well my problem at the time is that i don´t want to keep the pdf file of every report in the server, i just want to give it to the client, my question will be: is there a way to generate a PDF file dynamically using JSP? the goal i'm trying to reach is that the users just see the PDF file in their browsers and, if they want to, download to their hard drives. Am I realy lost? hope there is a chance for doing this thing

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-27

    Maybe you're in the wrong forum. jPod is agnostic against what you do with the serialized document.

    If you have already code that creates PDF's, then put it in a servlet, create a temporary file and provide the user with a link for displaying/downloading. If these mechanics are unclear ->

    Have i missed the point?

  • José Luis Zúñiga

    I guess not. Thanks for the quick response, now I'll do my research to manage the temporary file you mention


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