Unresolved Errors for Various Tools Classes

  • Mark Harcourt

    Mark Harcourt - 2008-03-06

    After importing the jPod. file into Eclipse, I have a number of unresolved error messages related to classes such as StreamTools and LogTools. One example is in the example -> pd -> misc -> DumpBookmarks.java file. The StreamTools.close(w) method call cannot be resolved.  Any advice on how to fix those errors?


    public void dumpBookmarks(String filename) {
            Writer w = null;
            try {
                    w = new FileWriter(filename);
                    PDOutline outline = getDoc().getOutline();
                    if (outline == null) {
                    dumpBookmarks(w, outline, 0);
            } catch (IOException e) {
            } finally {

    • Mark Harcourt

      Mark Harcourt - 2008-03-06

      As a follow up, I saw that the unresolved classes appeared in the lib -> ipod_tools.jar file. When I added the three jar files in the lib folder to the project properties, the unresolved error messages diappeared. Do you have plans to make available the source code for those unresolved classes in a future release?

    • mtraut

      mtraut - 2008-03-07

      sorry for the delay - i was on the road this week...

      most of the library source code, event the tool classes (e.g. locator stuff and so on) is already included. The rest of the basics simply wasn't good enough yet. I hope (i am sure) it will be cleaned up and included in the next release.

    • Mark Harcourt

      Mark Harcourt - 2008-03-07

      Mind you, I'm not complaining that it wasn't available. Really, I'm rather overwhelmed at how much *is* available already. I was just providing feedback so that others installing it have a clue how to fix the un-resolved error messages and to provide you with a paper trail for things to fix in a future release. Thanks for this really terrific toolset.


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