• Karl Zilles

    Karl Zilles - 2008-02-23

    The summary mentions that jPod is a manipulation and rendering api.

    I'm very excited by the examples, but they appear to only show the manipulation features. 
    Has the rendering API been released yet?

    • mtraut

      mtraut - 2008-02-25

      Well, the API (and some uses as for example the text extractor in the additional file release) ARE released, included and stable. You find this stuff around CSContent.

      What is NOT included is a CSDevice rendering to an AWT or SWT graphics context. This is hard stuff and we are currently undergoing qa and refactoring for this components. They actually exist and are are fully functional as you can see for example on

      Until now there is no schedule for an open source release.

    • Karl Zilles

      Karl Zilles - 2008-02-25

      So, in summary:

      1) There is no simple way to use the open source jPod to render (rasterize) a pdf to an image
      2) You do have code to do this
      3) There is no timeline for releasing it open source. 

      Does (3) mean that you don't ever plan on releasing it, or does it mean you plan on releasing, but are not sure when.

      • mtraut

        mtraut - 2008-02-26

        this is quite right.

        (3) means we DO want to release it, work is going on to shape the code appropriately. But this is not a high priority task as we are doomed to make a living elsewhere...

        If you'd ask the tip would be 2nd or 3rd Q

    • ham

      ham - 2008-06-16

      Hello there,

      i want to ask for the nice rendering feature in JPOD.

      I tried about 50.000 PDF Files with PDFBox and PDFBox crashed some times. Nearly all these PDF Files could be opened with Cabaret.

      If it is possible to display a file it should be possible to render the same File into a Imagefile.

      So what is the planning for the release of the rendering feature in JPOD?

      I think a big audience is looking forward to this feature!

      • mtraut

        mtraut - 2008-06-16

        regarding the release discussion, see above.

        regarding your test documents - we are interested in the documents that did not render correctly. maybe you can provide us with documents/information/bug reports.

        did we fail on PDF syntax, content stream syntax or semantics?

    • Andreas  Haufler

      Andreas Haufler - 2008-06-16

      Hi everyone,

      were small company that also evaluates JPOD for rendering an manipulating pdfs. We have a lot of experience of doing so with PDFBox but the rendering code is just too messy to make it work. JPOD looks like a nice and well structured alternative, but as mentioned above we need rasteriziation functionality.

      Now that Q2 is almost over I wonder if the release date is already set? If not, might it be possible to provide a binary version as long as the code is not clean enough? We'd really like to use, and therefore help to enhance, JPOD, but this is a killer-criteria for us.

      Feel free to contact me:

      best regards
      Andreas Haufler

    • mtraut

      mtraut - 2008-06-16

      ... see new post at "Open Discussion"


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