Create a PDF-A/3

  • Andreas Lüdtke

    Andreas Lüdtke - 2014-04-11


    I searched through this forum and I did also searched in the jPod.jar but I couldn't find anything about creating PDF-A files.

    Could someone please lead me in the right direction?


  • mtraut

    mtraut - 2014-04-11


    jPod is a pure PDF spec implementation. PDF/A is a specification on how to assemble these basic building blocks (you can compare this to a well formed XML document vs. a valid XML document). So you will find nothing on PDF/A here, while you can use jPod to create a compliant document.

    Creating, validating or converting to a PDF/A compatible document requires a lot of expertise. We have hundreds and thousands of lines of code on this topic...

    If you need commercial support, start at the Here you will find some contact (preferably from intarsys :-), but that's biased)



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