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  • bob lehmann

    bob lehmann - 2008-03-13


    First of all I want to thank you for your work too, making a free java pdf library available.

    I was wondering if it is possible to access single words in a page via jpod and modify them, say for example change a single character. Is there any way and how could I find some example or something to read about this topic?

    best regards

    • mtraut

      mtraut - 2008-03-14


      we are happy that you give jPod a try!

      Using the Content Stream frameworks you can do anything with a pages content.

      As for the "how to find a piece of text", we have released a "snippets" package (downloads) where you find an example of how to scan the CSContent using an ICSDevice. This is far from complete but will giv you an idea.

      You must enhance this if you want to change the content you are scanning concurrently - but in CSContent i hope you will find all the answers.

      You are welcome to involve us if you find some shortcomings that will keep you from reaching your goal.

    • Steven M

      Steven M - 2009-05-06

      I can't seem to find where this "snippets" package is located. Is this the same as the examples in the main package? I assume it is different as I can't find an example relating to scanning CSContent in the main package.

      • mtraut

        mtraut - 2009-05-06

        The "snippets" download is quite old as you can see from this thread. I don't know (and it doesn't matter) if its still online...

        The code that was contained in the snippets is completely contained in the current release. Examples how to use the content stream interpreter framework are subclasses of CSDeviceAdapter, for example the CSTextExtractor.

        The device adapter methods will be triggered by the operations in the content stream. Changing content can be implemented basically as a filter that receives the trigger and emits other operations in a new content stream.


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