Fill form disables Reader extended features

  • Aleksandr Smyshliaev


    I try to fill a form in a PDF document.  When resulting document is opened in Adobe Reader, a window pops up with the following message:

    This document enabled extended features in Adobe Reader.  The document has
    been changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer
    available.  Please contact the author for the original version of this document.

    The values I have filled in appear in the form, but form fields are no longer editable.

    The document is saved in an incremental way, and original file contents are not changed.

    What should I do to prevent this warning pop up?

  • mtraut

    mtraut - 2012-06-28

    I'm sorry, i can't help you.

    Adobe has some time ago introduced a proprietary technology with its documents that enables restricted functions in the free Adobe Reader (form filling for example) by "signing" the PDF document in a special way. This way the document creator has to pay for the "free" Adobe Reader use.

    Changing the document structure (incremental or not) breaks the seal and as such the document can no longer be changed in the "free" Reader. There are, for sure, certain changes that are allowed as not all parts of the document are included in the signature. You have to check this by "trial and error" -  i know of no documentation of this proprietary process.

    In addition, most / many of  these "Lifecycle" documents are XFA based and you will have a hard day keeping the PDF AcroForm and XFA information in sync.

  • Aleksandr Smyshliaev

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

    I do not need to change the document with Adobe Reader after the form is filled programmatically.  It is Ok to have resulting document read-only, but the message box is annoying and unacceptable.  Still, I need Reader to recalculate the appearance for filled fields.

    Would it be possible to remove the broken seal, or to rebuild the document without the signature?

  • mtraut

    mtraut - 2012-07-17

    Sorry, i'm on the road this week…

    The message you are seeing should be the result of a java script that is performed upon document open. You can simply  remove the  action and the script from the document before save.


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