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polish characters

  • maciek

    maciek - 2011-11-01

    Recently I came across the jPod library and looking at the examples I decided to engage it in our project. This is an online web application

    The obstacle I encountered is that there is no way to print polish characters inside generated pdf files.

    I've used several font types, proper encoding (UTF-8), etc.
    I tried to find some solution for this, downloaded the source code and tried adding e.g. "ń" ("nacute") to the class de.intarsys.pdf.encoding.Encoding but it didn't help.

    I would really appreciate if someone could give some hint on how to workaround this or to point some place in the code which should be altered to be able to incorporate unsupported characters.

    Best regards,
    Maciej Wojarski

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-11-03

    There are many things to consider when using non builtin encodings. I strongly recommend reading the PDF spec with regard to font management.

    - first, the font program you select must include the characters you want, available at the characters name (Type1) or in a character map (True Type).
    - second, you must use an appropriate encoding from codepoint (bytes in PDF text) to unicode respective glyph name.
    - The standard encoding (WinAnsiEncoding) and no other predefined encoding does not contain "nacute"
    - There's no use in changing the builtin classes: They do only represent the spec, they are not written to a document.
    - You can lookup "nacute" in the AdobeGlyphList.txt
    - You create a DifferenceEncoding (see Spec) based on WinAnsi, mapping your code page differences to the appropriate glyph names.
    - You hope (or ensure) your font has builtin these characters.

    Another solution would be to switch to a double byte font upfront, but thats even harder to set up and consumes unnecessary space.


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