glyphs height

  • Novator

    Novator - 2011-10-27

    In some cases, in the method
    protected void basicTextShowGlyphs(PDGlyphs glyphs, float advance)   throws CSException
    of the CSCharacterParser class, the calculated glyphs' charRect (line 66) has a zero height, so it calls
    onCharacterFound(glyphs, charRect) method with zero height charRect.
    Is this can be an expected behaviour?

  • Novator

    Novator - 2011-10-27

    Sorry, I think I have posted it in a wrong section. Should have posted it to the 'help' section.

  • Anonymous - 2011-10-31

    I'm sorry that i can't help you on this without further information.

    There are a lot of bad behaved documents out there and most probably you have one of them. You should upload an example. In addition i can't see what code exactly causes the exception (CCharacterParser is abstract and has no throw statement).


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