Ups, it should by "${paramPool.Test1.mdxValue}" or "${paramPool.Test1.sqlValue}" or "${paramPool.Test1.displayName}" etc.


Andreas Voss
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22.10.2007 08:34

"Kaneis Enas" <>
Antwort: [Jpivot-users] jp:clickable and paramPoolVerknüpfung

JPivot uses jakarta beanutils as its expression language. Try "${paramPool.Test1}", that should work.

Kind Regards,

Andreas Voss
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"Kaneis Enas" <>
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22.10.2007 02:49

[Jpivot-users] jp:clickable and paramPool

Hello everyone and congratulations on a magnificent project.

I have been trying to understand how to use the paramPool contents that <jp:clickable> is populating.

In the "first.jsp" I have (among other things) a jpivot component that uses the following clickable tag inside a jp:mondrianQuery.


<jp:clickable page="/second.jsp" uniqueName="[Customer].[Name]" propertyName="CustomerID" sessionParam="Test1"/>

The mondrian schema has a <Customer> Dimension with a <Name> Level and there is a property <CustomerID> for that level.
The <jp:clickable> tag correctly creates anchors for the customer names in a jpivot navigator. When I click on them it redirects
to "second.jsp". The problem is that in "second.jsp" I don't know how to access what the user clicked.
I thought that something like this whould work:


<c:out value="${paramPool['Test1']}" />
<c:out value="${paramPool['CustomerID']"/>

Unfortunately none of the above ${paramPool}$ expressions work....
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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