That would be great! Even though we're getting near to 1.2, I would still like to include your LocalizedDynamicSchemaProcessor class. (I figure that since it's a plug-in, it can't destabilize the release. The earlier we get this out there, the sooner we can get feedback and make it better.)
Can you send me the class, and I'll check into perforce?
Can you also write some documentation that I can included in the section. I think the description should include a short piece of XML (say a single <Cube> definition) illustrating the main tags, and show a couple of and files, each with just a few lines.
If that section grows a lot, I might just make it a top-level document. Quite a few people are asking about i18n these days.
By the way, I spent a few hours trying to reproduce, and setting up a testcase for, bug 1250080 today.  I can't reproduce it. There's a good chance that Richard Emberson fixed the problem, because he was working in that part of the code. The testcase defines a variant of the Sales cube whose Product dimension has no 'all' member, so the default member of the product dimension is [Product].[Drink]. That bug ought to break expressions whose context is [Product].[Food].[Canned Foods] (a nephew of [Drink]) but they work OK. Please check the latest to see if the bug is still there.

From: [] On Behalf Of Ati Rosselet
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 11:46
Subject: [JPivot-devel] re: Mondrian release 1.2....

I just implemented a dynLocale addition to the MondrianModel (tag etc) in
jpivot that fits in with the backend I've done here with mondrian.  I
implemented a LocalizedDynamicSchemaProcessor  with a bunch of
small changes in mondrian too (doesn't break anything as far as I can
see and the results of running the tests have not changed).
 Can you contact me.. or can I send the changes by email ....
 since I'm not registered as a developer, I have no cvs access.

I don't know if this would be appropriate for 1.2.. or  rather afterwards?

(the jpivot changes I will commit to cvs myself)

Changes to Mondrian implements a "captionColumn" in Level, which gives
an extra column of data for displaying captions for the members of a
level (without changing the underlying level or member name - i.e. MDX
is the same across all languages).
Added to the existing "caption" and "allValueCaption" parameters, this
allows for full internationalization of dimensions.  In addition, I
implemented a "caption" for the properties, which allows you to change
the label displayed by jpivot, again without changing the underlying
name (I didn't try to create a valueCaption for  the actual value/column of
the property, but the column selected can be changed/locale if necessary)

The DynamicSchemaProcessor gets a locale (if specified) and the schema.
It looks for tags of format "%{*}", (can be changed .. of course)
and for each match of the pattern in schema the property name is extracted
and replaced with a string from a properties file, the base
name of which is specified in - if passed Locale=hu,
and, it will try to load
and if not found, will load if that is also
missing, then it throws an error (can easily be extended to accept either "en"
type locale strings, or alternatively full "en_GB" style locale strings, and then
try to load name_en_GB.extension, then name_en.extension before falling
back to default name.extension    hope this makes sense.