Hello guys,
I have application that uses JPivot and I have mondrian running separately as an XMLA provider.
When I access Mondrian XMLA from JPivot I use for example this

<jp:xmlaQuery id="query01"

     MDX here


and everything is fine.

But I have another demand.
I want to access XMLA provider (mondrian) over SSL which means I need to use https protocol.

I am quite new with ssl and these security things,

 so I am asking for any information on how to set JPivot to access Mondrian using https.
I found something like that for JPalo

"By default JPalo uses http protocol to connect to Mondrian. If you want to change protocol to https set is.ssl=true otherwise set is.ssl=false."
on this page

but I need to know is there something like that for JPivot

Hope to get you reply soon