The checkins I outlined below are done. There is a README in src/jboss-portlet which gives details of how the portlet works.


I am going to work on packaging the portlet with an install script that loads up a database (Derby?) and put that out on JBoss’s sponsored PortletSwap site.


Documentation is always good! There are many options for accessing JPivot and Mondrian now – time for an uber site to make clear all the connections?


Sherman Wood


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I've got no problem with you checking in -- thanks for doing all this.


This brings the number of user-interfaces to Mondrian to... well, 9 I can think of (JPivot's pivot table, JPivot's charts, JRubik, JRubik's SVG engine, the JPivot tag library, JPivotPortlet, OpenI, CmdRunner, and any generic XMLA interface.) The choice is overwhleming. Would it help to document those options?




From: Sherman Wood []
Friday, September 02, 2005 07:50
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Subject: JPivotPortlet, upgrade to Mondrian HEAD and making the JPivot build work


I am ready to commit my JPivot portlet into JPivot CVS. It is JBoss specific, and a little rough right now, but deploys fine and can be used as a basis for improvements and conversion to other portal servers. There will be some additional targets in the build script for the portlet components.


I upgraded the version of Mondrian that is part of JPivot to HEAD. This is close to Mondrian 1.2, which is due out soon.


There were some slight changes to WCF and JPivot itself. For completeness, I attacked the WCF and JPivot build scripts, got all the JARs together in a repository that can be checked into JPivot CVS, and made sure the test scripts ran for both WCF and JPivot. There are failures in WCF, and the XMLA tests in JPivot fail against Mondrian at the moment. There are some Tonbeller specific parts of the build which there is no files for, ie. jdepend target in WCF.


There are still a few problems with the JPivot XML/A interface to Mondrian, which I am working on to make sure OpenI.


Does anyone have problems with me checking this in? I will be available to answer questions.


Sherman Wood