Ganesh - 2010-03-10

I am using jpivot with tomcat and eclipse and Infobright as DB.
The table displayed when the page is loaded is as shown below

Segment                Family
---------              -------
+All Segments    +All Family

On Clicking "+" under All Segments it expands to display all the Segments.

Segment                Family
---------              -------
-All Segments      +All Family
      Segment1       +All Family
      Segment2        +All Family

Now  please suggest the steps to be followed to hide the topmost  "All Family" when the Segment is expanded and
display "All Family" when the Segment is collapsed.

In other words, what changes to be done to display the cell as blank instead of the link which lists all the children  for a parent when expanded and  display the children link  when the parent is collapsed.

Please revert.