Bug: MDX Query Editor gets stuck

  • kooderi

    kooderi - 2006-03-07

    I found a bug where the MDX Query Editor stops updating as you view new queries.  Here are the steps to repeat it using the demo war file:

    - Start the JPivot Demo war and click on "Testpage using mondrian".  Open the MDX Query Editor.

    - Put a few newlines before "from [Sales]" then hit [Apply].  Notice that the newlines go away.

    - Type "blah" at the very end and hit [Apply].  It'll find a syntax error and highlight the MDX Query Editor in red.

    - Delete "blah" and put a few newlines before "from [Sales]" again, then hit [Apply].  The MDX is accepted but doesn't delete the newlines.  The MDX Query Editor is now "stuck".

    - Click "back to index" and choose "Mondrian fourhier test".

    - Notice the MDX still shows the OLD query with the extra newlines.  Mess around in the navigator and expand/collapse some table entries.  The MDX is still stuck, not updating.

    - Hit [Apply] in the MDX Query Editor and suddenly you're looking at the old query.  Oops!

    - Now open the navigator and change measures.  The MDX Query Editor is STILL stuck and isn't updating.

    - The MDX Query Editor will stay stuck like this until you hit the [Revert] button.

    • kooderi

      kooderi - 2006-07-24

      This still happens in JPivot 1.5.0.  Basically, any time you get an error in the MDX editor then fix the error, the MDX editor gets stuck and doesn't update until [Revert] is pressed.  Even when you view a new query the MDX editor stays stuck viewing the old query's MDX.

      • kooderi

        kooderi - 2006-12-08

        This still happens in JPivot 1.6.0.

      • Julian Hyde

        Julian Hyde - 2006-12-10


        Can you go to the tracker page and log this as a bug? I can't guarantee that it will get fixed, but at least it will be on the developers' radar.


    • kooderi

      kooderi - 2007-01-05

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