2 questions: code and filter custom taglib

  • Matt Stucky

    Matt Stucky - 2009-08-07

    first, since jpivot is part of mondrian is part of pentaho, is sf.net cvs still the "source code of record" - the latest version?

    second, i want to take the row/column/filter functionality and (1) simplify it and (2) lay it out as a series of horizontal dropdowns like a HTML 'select' tag essentially.    this is for a client for business analysts to use, so i want to pare the functionality down to just what they'll use and simplify it to reduce training requirements

    so, i think I need to write a custom taglib (never done that but it doesn't look too bad).  is that right, or is there some functionality in the current taglib i could use, or perhaps there is a custom taglib out there i could use?

    any pointers appreciated!


    • Julian Hyde

      Julian Hyde - 2009-08-08

      Mondrian is part of Pentaho, but JPivot is not part of Pentaho. JPivot has close links with the Mondrian project, and some common developers, and indeed Pentaho helps to maintain it, but is an independent project.

      SF.net CVS is the official source. http://jpivot.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/jpivot/


    • Matt Stucky

      Matt Stucky - 2009-08-08

      thanks julian

      with regards to the row/column/filter layout, is that a taglib, xsl, xslt, or tld job?  never worked with any of those technologies, a pointer regarding "where to start" would be helpful.

      thanks again


    • Julian Hyde

      Julian Hyde - 2009-08-08

      I did not write that code, so I am not an expert, but it looks like you would need to edit mdxtable.xsl to change the generated HTML.


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