patrick - 2008-03-28

Hello all,
I'm a newbie in jsp/wcf and I want to add dynamic parameters to the 'href' attribute of 'wcf:imgbutton' tag of testpage.jsp.
I've written my own com.tonbeller.jpivot.print.PrintServlet class which takes in account a new param, for example '...&filename=myfilename'...
but I cannot provide this param to it thru the 'wcf:imgbutton' print tag.

I tried :
<c:set var='fn' scope='session'>myfilemane</c:set>
<wcf:imgbutton id="printpdf" tooltip="toolb.print" img="print" href="./Print?cube=01&type=1&filename=<cut value='${fn}'/>" />

I tried :
<% String fn = myfilename ; %>
<wcf:imgbutton id="printpdf" tooltip="toolb.print" img="print" href="./Print?cube=01&type=1&filename=<%out.print(fn)%>" />

And a lot of others ways : no success...

Does someone have the solution ?
Thanks by advance,