• pillette christophe


    I'm trying to use JPIVOT/Mondrian on WAS 5.1 (JDK 1.4.2)
    So, I've downloaded the latest version of mondrian ( and i use mondrian-jdk14.jar and retroweaver-rt.jar as it is mentioned for JDK 1.4.
    I use jpivot 1.8.0.jar

    The query is the following :
    <jp:mondrianQuery id="query01" dataSource="jdbc/oasis" catalogUri="/WEB-INF/queries/Oasis.xml">
    select {[Measures].[Nombre]} ON COLUMNS,{[PORTEFEUILLE]} ON ROWS
    from [table_fait]

    Here are the logs I get where I'm invoking my query :

    javax.servlet.ServletException: mondrian.olap.DriverManager: method getConnection(Lmondrian/olap/Util$PropertyList;Lmondrian/spi/CatalogLocator;Ljavax/sql/DataSource;Z)Lmondrian/olap/Connection; not found

    It seems that it's a connection problem, but I can't understand why.
    Any ideas ??


    • Julian Hyde

      Julian Hyde - 2008-10-30

      The problem is due to mismatched versions. JPivot is using an API that has been deprecated for some time and has been removed from mondrian-3.0. Easiest thing is to use the version of JPivot that comes in the mondrian distro.

      • pillette christophe

        I agree with you for the cause of the problem.
        But I don't understand the way to solve it.

        When you download,, or even, I don't see any jpivot.jar included.
        That's why I included jpvivot 1.8.0.jar in my project, in addition of mondrian-jdk14.jar and retroweaver-rt.jar.

        Am i doing something wrong ?

        Thanks in advance. I'm getting crazy with this error ;-)


        • Julian Hyde

          Julian Hyde - 2008-10-30

          There is a jpivot.jar inside mondrian.war inside each mondrian-<version>.zip distro.

    • pillette christophe

      You were right.

      Thanks a lot :-)



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