embedded jpivot - various pivot tables

  • CmaniaC

    CmaniaC - 2009-04-02

    Hi all of you,

    I have JPivot loaded in my ajax application, when I start one pivot table in one tab all goes right! but when I try to load 2 or more pivot tables,  when I navigate in one pivot table all other interfaces shows the same pivot table , I thinks its something in the cache, can I do something about it?  I want to show 2 or more tabs and each one show a diferent pivot table is that posible? (like pentaho demo!)

    Please sorry my english!!!

    • Andreas Voss

      Andreas Voss - 2009-04-02

      That should not be a problem. Make sure that all elements on the page have different names/ids, e.g. query01, query02, ... and table01, table02 etc.

      The other thing is synchronization. The RequestFilter does not permit parallel http requests. So maybe you have to turn the Ajax into Sjax (synchronized ) or modify the RequestFilter.java

      • CmaniaC

        CmaniaC - 2009-04-02

        Thanks it really works!!!.

        I change all expresions that show "****01" to "****02" and adjust de action on jsp, and thats all made the magic!

        other question about the same matter:

        I have an:

        1. CubeOlap.xml for the cube definition
        2. QueryOlap.jsp for de <jp:mondrianQuery> tag
        3. RenderOlap.jsp for the <wcf:include....> render query

        I have to do this 3 files  (if they use diferent Cube definition), each time I want to show a diferent pivot Table?
        or there are a better way? (can I merge this 3 files in one?)

        Thanks for the help!!!

        • Andreas Voss

          Andreas Voss - 2009-04-03

          No, you need the 3 files. You could embed the query but then you must control, when the <jp:query../> tag is executed by surrounding it with <c:if ../>. Better keep the 3 files



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