JPivot 1.8 + Mondrian error

  • khandur

    khandur - 2008-04-09

    Hi people.

    I updates both JPivot and Mondrian to last version, perhaps it isn´t working.
    With Mondrian it works, but with last Mondrian,, I get the following error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: mondrian.olap.DriverManager.getConnection(Lmondrian/olap/Util$PropertyList;Lmondrian/spi/CatalogLocator;Ljavax/sql/DataSource;Z)Lmondrian/olap/Connection;

    This error occurs because in last version of Mondrian the method "DriverManager.getConnection" were removed, like described in .

    It occurs by mine mistake or the last mondrian wasn´t tested with JPivot yet?


    • Carlos Dias

      Carlos Dias - 2008-04-09

      I have the same problem.
      I already post this in mondrian forum ( Someone told me that work, but it can't be right....
      Please post your case there too.

      Carlos Dias

      • Julian Hyde

        Julian Hyde - 2008-04-09

        Yes, using mondrian-3.0.2 and the version of jpivot included in that release will solve the problem. See the aforementioned thread for more details.


        • khandur

          khandur - 2008-04-10


          Using the JPivot version distributed with mondrian it worked fine.

          Anyone can tell me what the base version of JPivot that Mondrian team used to work with mondrian 3.0.2? Is JPivot 1.8?

    • khandur

      khandur - 2008-04-15

      The answer to my question can be found in



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