Marty - 2004-09-27


I got two more questions.
1. Can we specify a filter something like "[Store].[All Stores] > 'Canada'. That means the countries started with "A" "B" will not be displayed in the table as well as the data will not be aggregated. Because If we specify the name one by one, there are too many... and sometimes we do not know how many in the database, for example. [Product]>'Apple'.

Another kind of filter, can we specify something like
([Measures].[Unit Sales], [Store].currentmember) > 60000. That means we only want the store info which has a unit sales > 60000. I tested it but got error. I think such kind of requirement is normal.

2. According to the screenshots of jpivot, we know jpivot can add different color to different cells.
Assuming a scenario, I want those cells whose unit sales <50000 are marked as RED color, >100000 are marked as GREEN color. What should I do?
I found in latest doc of jpivot, it said table can have a configxml. What is the purpose of it? is this configxml have anything to do with the color?
How can I add the color?