How to display multiple query ?

  • gm

    gm - 2005-02-22

    Is it possible to display more than one query in different navigator window ?

    The session seems to work only whith one query at once.

    Is somebody knows how to display multiple query with the same session ?

    • Andreas Voss

      Andreas Voss - 2005-02-22

      You will have to write your own JSP for that. The testpage.jsp expects the query in the session attribute "query01", but you may have anothe JSP that renders multiple queries. It might be a problem when you want to have a toolbar, chart etc for every query.

    • Ron Bisaccia

      Ron Bisaccia - 2005-02-23

      We created our own tag libraries which allowed expressions.  We then passed the queries and other related variables in dynamically.

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-21

    Hi everyone. About post #3, how did you do that? In my case I have a code like this.

    /*********** My JSP page **********/
    <h3>Una tabla</h3>
    <wcf:include id="include01" httpParam="query" prefix="/WEB-INF/queries/" suffix=".jsp"/>
    <%-- definición del query --%>
    <c:if test="${query01 == null}">
      <jsp:forward page="/error.jsp"/>
    <jp:table id="table01" query="#{query01}"/>
    <wcf:render ref="table01" xslUri="/WEB-INF/jpivot/table/mdxtable.xsl" xslCache="true"/>
    <h3>Otra tabla</h3>
    <%-- definición del query --%>
    <!--<wcf:include id="include01" httpParam="query" prefix="/WEB-INF/queries/" suffix=".jsp"/>-->
    <c:if test="${query02 == null}">
      <jsp:forward page="/error.jsp"/>
    <jp:table id="table02" query="#{query02}"/>
    <wcf:render ref="table02" xslUri="/WEB-INF/jpivot/table/mdxtable.xsl" xslCache="true"/>

    It works but i'm not sure if it's correct or safe. Any other idea?


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