nadia aziz - 2009-12-03

Hi all,

I am not sure if MeasureExpression supports a join query? I am trying to achieve the following



from ears_ticket

inner join sla on (ears_ticket.SLA_SLANumber_id=sla.SLANumber_id)

inner join geography on (ears_ticket.geography_CustomerCluster_id=geography.CustomerCluster_id)

where sla.Priority='T2' and sla.SLAName='DEU ADMINISTRATION 07:00-19:00 5/7' and geography.CustomerClusterName='DEU GERMANY' and ears_ticket.Fix_Duration < 900

and ears_ticket.FirstTimeFix=0

and ears_ticket.Team_SubmittedBy=ears_ticket.Team_TeamCount;

This is the SQL query. What I wish to do is get a counter=1 each time the above condition is satisfied, else 0. and then do a summation aggregation for this.

My fact table is ears_ticket and dimenions are sla and geography.

I am really stuck on this issue and do not know if Mondrian supports mySQL join queries for measureExression? Please help. Its urgent