Dynamic width of columns in pdf export.

  • begunrom

    begunrom - 2008-02-27

    As the width of my columns can differ significantly, the export to PDf gives a bad result with field overflows. So i would like to change the fo_mdxtable.xsl file (i guess) to make the columns dynamic. Can some one point me in the right direction?

    • Tom

      Tom - 2008-05-20

      I got the same problem here. I already discovered that this can be solved by changing the file "/WEB-INF/jpivot/table/fo_mdxtable.xsl", but the file is not very well documented (or maybe I'm missing something important).

      So I tried to reset the "table-layout" property to "auto" and tampered with the "column-width" calculation. But I don't really seem to get the hang of this: which means the result output doesn't change, column width is still fixed and column caption are still cut on (cell-) overflow, which looks really ugly.

      Has anybody tried this already, or got an idea what to do?

    • Ati Rosselet

      Ati Rosselet - 2008-07-01

      The basic problem is that if you set to auto (if I remember correctly) it automatically spaces the columns as per specified width.. ie if width=100 and you have 10 columns, you get width=10 for each.   Blame me if you want.. I just couldn't figure out how to properly recursively check for the longest string to be stored in a given column, and calculate the width based on that.  Took me long enough to get it working like it does now :)  If you want to jump in to xsl etc and change this.. please.. be my guest, and let us have the patch :)

    • Ati Rosselet

      Ati Rosselet - 2008-09-09

      I find however, that setting the pdf to landscape or a larger page size (A3) helps a lot with overflow...
      Hope that helps...


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