XMLA "calculated member" in AS cube?

  • bill parker

    bill parker - 2005-05-20

    A quick (lazy) question to Paul Lucas or Andreas regarding XMLA, before I get someone to look at the code.

    I have created a calculated member via the Analysis Services manager, it shows in the AS data browser with the other measures but does not show up as a measure via Jpivot, is there something additional we have to do in the discovery process?

    • paul lucas

      paul lucas - 2005-05-20

      Calculated measures definitely show up in jpivot. Nothing you need to do. But, if they were recently added, the xmla webservice sometimes caches information (haven't figured out specifics yet) - you may want to restart the www publishing service.

    • bill parker

      bill parker - 2005-05-20

      Thanks Paul, I restarted the www pullishing service and the olap service and tomcat for good measure! but calculated member still not showing, I will have a longer play on the weekend and then turn it over to someone who knows a bit more that me and I will get back to managing, I wanted to play with FORE_COLOR  etc to see if we can do something in jpivot like the old "style" format.

      So I guess you were responding at 2230 , glad JPivot holds so much interest.


    • bill parker

      bill parker - 2005-05-23

      OK, after a reboot of the server the additional AS cube dimensions have showed up in Jpivot. We will have to look into which of the services restart was important and if there is an order required but if in doubt bounce the machine.


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