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  • mizar_sf

    mizar_sf - 2006-09-08

    I could have an application that i consider useful to community, and it's build on top of JPivot. I would know if my project can be posted here on the JPivot site, or in a new sourceforge project page.

    A little description : Is an interface (customizable via xml) that allows multiple users to share queries, enabling different catalogs, catalog roles, and db connections. It's similar to openi but is designed to be more flexible with roles and jpivot interface, and support multiple db connections.

    • Andreas Voss

      Andreas Voss - 2006-09-08

      This sounds like a good addition to JPivot, because the testpage.jsp, which is included with jpivot, is a minimal demo, and its difficult to install and run. It would be great to have an application that is more useable and easier to install.

      Is it possible to view / download the application somewhere?


    • mizar_sf

      mizar_sf - 2006-09-11

      Actually not. I realized this for a company, so i should `anonymize` some of the variables involved. Really my question is where to publish this thing.

      I can't publish it at the moment, and most of my documentation is written in italian (for job reasons).

      Seen that you can be interested i'll begin the work for publishing it asap, and let you know when it will be available.

    • mizar_sf

      mizar_sf - 2006-09-13

      You can find the demo web app at this address :

    • Andreas Voss

      Andreas Voss - 2006-09-29

      Finally I found some time to take a look at the portal, this looks great! I would be happy if you add it to the JPivot sourceforge CVS.

      I would recommend that you add a new toplevel directory in CVS to add the portal. There are already jpivot, wcf, mondrian-schema and jpivot_repository, please add another one, e.g. "portal" or "jpivot-portal" but not "mondrian-portal" because mondrian is just one of the supported engines (XMLA should work too).

      Every source must have a Copyright header and must be distributed under CPL license - probably EPL and Apache would be ok too, but I would have to check that. Please use the header from the JPivot sources, e.g.

      * ====================================================================
      * This software is subject to the terms of the Common Public License
      * Agreement, available at the following URL:
      * .
      * Copyright (C) 2006 <your name here>
      * All Rights Reserved.
      * You must accept the terms of that agreement to use this software.
      * ====================================================================

      Did you have to change any JPivot/WCF sources for the portal? If so I'd like to see the diffs before check-in.

      Finally I found a small bug in analysisPage.jsp, there you generate a random toolbarID - probably because you want to show/hide buttons dynamically. Because of the random id a new toolbar instance is created every time the page is viewed. It would be better to use the visibleRef attribute of the button. It contains a path to a boolean bean property and the button is visible only if the property is true. For example:

      <jsp:useBean id="securityBean" class="...."/>

      <wcf:toolbar id="fixedId">
        <wcf:scriptbutton ... visibleRef="#{securityBean.navigatorVisible}"/>



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