daneel-olivaw - 2008-05-16

Hello to everybody,

We use Mondrian version through which we navigate an OLAP schema (via JPivot); the problem arises when we try to export the current cube view to Excel.

Numbers result uncorrectly formatted; for example, we have these two main problems:

1. The number 234 results in the number "234,", the Excel column format is "Custom" and the format string is "###0,###"

2. (Even more odd!!) The string "134E1" results in the number 123E+01 (in scientific notation - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_notation#E_notation\)

The measure referred in problem n. 1 has these two attributes in the Mondrian XML:

   datatype="Numeric" formatString="#,##0 m3"

What's more, the error n. 1 also occurs with:

- The JPivot-1.8.war run with the example schema (particularly with the first example link, "Slice and Dice with two hierarchies") --> we then export the view in Excel and the numbers are wronly formatted like said above,

- Mondrian 3.0.3

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,