Sherman Wood - 2005-09-06

This went out on the developers list, but I thought I would repeat it here.

Over the weekend, I checked in changes to the WCF and JPivot build, got all the JARs together in a repository, and made sure the test scripts ran for both WCF and JPivot. There are failures in WCF, and the XMLA tests in JPivot fail against Mondrian at the moment. There are some Tonbeller specific parts of the build which there is no files for, ie. jdepend target in WCF.

Why I was in there in the first place was checking in a JSR 168 portlet that works in the JBoss Portal server. Next steps are to package this up with demo data and data loading to put out on A side effect of this will be to have a simpler demo for JPivot and Mondrian.