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Upcoming Release 0.0.3 including more theory

It was hard for me to get back to work after buying some new music equipment. Finally the next release turns into something stable. Despite the promise to have more lesson and note stuff I concentrated on more theory like Tonnetz (tone/note matrix to find chords and scales), chord and scale tables. Should be ready 'til Christmas.

Posted by Onkobu 2008-11-24

Next Release of JPianoTrain

Now this program supports the builtin Java midi synthesizer, so you don't need any external soft- or hardware to make noise. Maybe you'll have to download a soundfont in addition, have a look at the docs in Synthesizer's configuration dialog. Some minor fixes were added.
The next release will contain basic lesson functions, so you can play along more meaningful melodies. Also notes for both hands need to be in sync with next release.
While I'm moving in June and packed all my equipment into boxes you'll have to wait a while.

Posted by Onkobu 2008-05-12

First Release (0.0.1) of JPianoTrain

Finally I'm right on time, it's end of April and I've finished the first release. This is just a testing release, so you can get an idea of what it's about. Until now you'll only be able to play along random notes, but it's fully functional 'til this point. Next will be lessons based on midi files and some statistics.

Posted by Onkobu 2008-04-27

Constantly invent myself...

...and move on and on. Over the weekend I've added a few gadgets like a circle of fifths with chord and scale rendering. You could even use the random staff feature to a certain extent. First release could be in April.

Posted by Onkobu 2008-04-13

First commit

Hooray for gerbils, I found a way to render notes reliably in Java, even with anti aliasing. The piano keys look great and will help those who don't find the right key (flashes the right key to press when you're wrong). Does not do anything right now but soon it'll test your capabilities with random notes.

Posted by Onkobu 2008-04-06

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