Peter Quiring - 2013-12-12

Opps, I added a requestPublicIP in javaforce.voip.RTP when it's not needed and I make another request immediately without waiting for the reply which then causes those mismatch id responses. It was a quick change I added in 1.4.0. Either way though, it's harmless. The TURN request should still work and looking at your log it's not. I can see it attempts 4 times and then gives up. Make sure in your reTurn config you have the following:
TurnAddress = {your_real_ip}
LongTermAuthUsername = {user_id}
LongTermAuthPassword = {password}
Without these settings it will not work. Then make sure you have the same user_id/password used in jPhoneLite under the Topology tab.
The default settings in reTurn omit the LongTerm values.

Do you see a "RTP init failed" in jPhoneLite when attempting a call? That should indicate a failed TURN request.

Last edit: Peter Quiring 2013-12-12