Inkling "online mode" support (or info)

  • Julien Deswaef

    Julien Deswaef - 2014-04-26


    Some of you might know about the Wacom Inkling

    It has a mode called "online" that allows to stream the position (and pressure?) of the pen directly to some supporting applications.

    I haven't tested jPen yet, but since it doesn't mention it in the doc, I guess the Inkling pen is not supported (yet? ;) ).

    But has anyone here tried to get it working or has maybe some knowledge of the data it might be sending and is willing to share.



  • Julien Deswaef

    Julien Deswaef - 2014-04-28

    Hello Nicolas.

    I'm aware of these "problems" for the Inkling. It's inaccuracy is mostly happening when you go beyond the A4. The intention is not to replace a graphic tablet, either. But since the tool has an "undocumented" on-line mode, it could still be a fun tool to interact with drawing programs. Even with all its flaws.

    I jumped here because I thought maybe some of the devs here would have enough experience of "cryptic" wacom file formats and drivers to help decode the data sent by the inkling when in online mode. There is some great people working on a GNU/Linux friendly InklingReader and maybe this is of interest to some of you.

    If any has suggestions to get this working, that would be awesome.


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