JPEGView 1.0.15 released

New features:
- Display of EXIF information from digicam JPEG files (F2) - can be made permanantly using the INI file
- Smoother screen update with less flickering by using back buffering of transparent areas
- Navigation panel blended into image. The navigation panel is turned on by default but can be disabled with the F11 key.
To disable it permanently, press F11 then save the settings to the INI file with the context menu.
The blending factor of the panel can be configured also in the INI file.
- New mode for optimal display of landscape pictures - lightens shadows and darkens highlights very progressively
Use Ctrl-L to enable or the button on the navigation panel

Other changes:
- Using smaller font for help display (F1)
- Exclusion/inclusion folders for LDC and color correction: More specific folder overrides less specific when matching for inclusion
and exclusion
- Using Crop without Ctrl pressed when image cannot be dragged
- New INI file entry: CreateParamDBEntryOnSave to disable/enable creation of a parameter DB entry for images saved in JPEGView

Posted by David Kleiner 2007-12-27

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